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Virtual Receptionist & Telephone Call Answering Services

Virtual Receptionist and Call Answering Service

With our virtual receptionist and call answering services, you can spend time managing your business you while being certain of never missing an important call again.

We provide this service 24/7 for all time zones.

We all know the number of people that hang up when they are confronted with an answering machine, and this loses you business.  It needn’t be that way.

Frequent uses for this service are:

  • During non-business hours (evenings and weekend)
  • During the day while you are busy
  • During your peak times
  • While staff are away from the office due to holiday or sickness

Whichever way you use the service, you can be certain that your callers will be professionally greeted and any message swiftly relayed to you via SMS and/ or email.

Some clients like us to more than taking messages.  Depending on the level of service you select, if you choose to have dedicated staff members within our team, these virtual team members can do other tasks for you when they are not answering calls, thereby increasing your overall productivity.

Some clients like us to answer calls from particular groups of people, for example job applicants, whereby we answer all the basic questions about the job and application process so you don’t need to keep doing this, and you just receive the complete application from the candidate.

Other clients like us to take orders/ brochure requests from their customers and email these across/ enter directly into their software system.

New businesses, in particular, can appear well established if they are seen to have a professional receptionist that is answering all their calls. We can answers calls for short term periods too, for example if you are on holiday or one of your stall is ill but still want your clients to speak to a professional colleague that will pass messages to you.

We can also provide an escalation service whereby we take a message, but if it is an emergency, we call you straight away to pass the message straight to you.

And if you choose to pay by usage, you will only pay per call taken with messages promptly relayed to you by email.  We can structure a service based on the approximate number of calls you expect to receive monthly.

Telephone Answering Services

Our telephone answering and virtual receptionist services are simple to set up:

  • You just divert your phone number to another local number that we will provide you.
  • The call divert service is a simple service that your current telephone provider can set up for you for just a few pounds per month.
  • When your phone rings, we can see on our systems that it is your number that is being called so we answer the phone exactly as you have instructed us to do.  
  • Once we have answered and screened the call, we can also divert the call through to you if you would prefer.    

It doesn’t matter where you are in UK; London, Liverpool or Lyme Regis, we provide the same high level of service. We also screen out all those annoying cold callers you don’t want to speak with.

We provide daily reporting so you will get a summary of your service usage, depending on the service package you take with us.

All our services are flexible and we will set them up to provide you with whatever your business requires.

For further information about our various Business Process Outsourcing solutions, or how we can provide a free trial of our BPO services, please call us on +44 (0) 1904 692 447

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