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We provide a suite of cost-effective outbound solutions to develop your telemarketing and telesales strategy and strengthen the relationship you have with your customers.

These solutions can complement our lead generation and ethnic telesales & telemarketing services.

  • We understand that if you take the time to provide a potential customer with the information they need to reach a decision, the result is more favourable. We value the importance of this person to person interaction. We also know from experience the best sales people are not the best lead generators.
  • We want to understand about the products that you want us to sell, and the values of your company.  It is through this greater understanding that we can make the calls more relevant to prospective customers and persuade them that they should see you.
  • We also know that by utilising various marketing channels to reach a customer, the marketing outcomes are more favourable. We can call customers who have just received an electronic or postal communication to reinforce your marketing. And by calling these customers, you can answer any questions that they have, which they may not have done anything with. This type of follow up can lead to a higher sales conversion rate. We have generated leads in numerous different industries. And we can gather market intelligence about your competitors through our interaction with prospective customers.
  • Once a customer goes live, a welcome call could be made and this is one way to cement a good relationship. We can continue our interaction with your customers by assisting you with despatch and credit control.
  • When a customer realises that they are valued and that your organisation has a human side, they are more likely to maintain communications with you which can help you retain them should they ever become dissatisfied in the future.  
  • You may periodically like to check how things are with your customers. We can provide inexpensive telephone surveys so you can understand which aspects of your service you could improve on and to know which aspects are exceeding your customers’ expectations. Most customers are happy to share their thoughts in this way as they appreciate the efforts you are going through to ask them, irrespective of whether it is your company calling directly or an outsourced telemarketing company.
  • And should the worst come to the worst and a customer not be satisfied, by carefully handling the interaction, we can help you find out what may have gone wrong and convince the customer that we should be given the opportunity to put the fault right. We know it is far more difficult to acquire a customer then it is to retain one, and armed with your pricing policies, we can ensure that the customer is retained for the lowest possible cost.

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