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Press Release: Cultural Sensitivity Can Lead to Sales in Retail

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With more than 5% of the UK population falling into an ethnicity which is neither white nor black, there is a lucrative and growing market for businesses that have recognised the benefits to appreciating the cultural and linguistic differences of prospective customers.

CNG Business Services, a UK based business from York, has seen significant sales growth following the launch of a service for wholesalers that supports companies who are targeting independent retailers that have ethnic backgrounds, predominantly those from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India.

The Ethnic Sales and Marketing service works on the principle that businesses will be more receptive to potential suppliers who take their cultural and linguistic diversities into consideration, tailoring communications to meet their specific needs, as opposed to presuming that English is the preferred language.

Approaching companies with their ethnicity in mind has been proven to lead to greater levels of engagement and longer working relationships. As a result of the Ethnic Sales and Marketing Service CNG Business Services has grown its business considerably reinforcing demand for the support offered to its clients.

The independent retail sector has a large proportion of ethnic owned businesses including newsagents, petrol station forecourts and convenience stores. CNG Business supports brands by directly contacting retailers to provide details of promotions and special offers, encouraging interest in the products.

As independent store owners notoriously work early in the mornings and very late into the evenings, CNG Business Services also operates a 24 hour support service. This means that the team is able to target retailers when they have the time to answer the phone, and therefore when it matters most.

In order to work more closely with wholesalers, CNG Business Services are given a pricing matrix by the wholesaler showing the lowest prices that can be charged for a product. This then gives the team a clear indication of the flexibility in terms of margins that they have to work with. It also gives the team the option to negotiate as opposed to having to stick to one set figure, particularly as retailers are likely to use comparisons of other products on sale to secure a better deal.

The team at CNG can also support wholesalers with products that are coming to the end of their shelf life, are on promotion or seasonal lines. The team will proactively call retailers in order to provide details of the promotions and offers that are available during this period.

Understanding that value is imperative in a competitive and difficult market place, CNG has created a payment by results service, meaning that if the team do not secure sales the wholesaler has nothing to pay.

Owner of CNG Business Services, Sanjeev Patel said: “Cultural and linguistic diversities can make business negotiations, selling and marketing within the retail industry more difficult than it needs to be. As a multilingual team we can speak to businesses direct and treat them as individuals. We are also very aware of ethnic and cultural sensitivities and are able to advise a client about how best to approach another company, who may not have the same principles or beliefs.”

Sanjeev continues: “In our experience brands that take the time to understand the cultural preferences of their prospects are far more likely to improve sales compared with those who consider a mass market approach.”

The Ethnic Sales and Marketing services include the prospecting of new clients, handling of pre-sales enquiries, arranging of appointments for sales people, engagement of a full telesales service, remotely placing orders in a client’s ordering system, delivery logistics planning, after-sales support, invoice collection support and a full consulting service. For further details please contact: 01904 692447. // ENDS

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