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Reprinted with permission.

CNG Business Services, the York-based outsourcing specialist, has launched a new ethnic sales and marketing service for its commercial clients.

According to CNG the service will take cultural and linguistic diversities into consideration and tailor marketing needs accordingly.

The firm said that it spotted a gap in the market after helping a number of its clients with multilingual and mutlicultural requirements.

Specific interest has already been shown by the retail and pharmaceutical sectors.

Sanjeev Patel of CNG said: “Cultural and linguistic diversities can make business negotiations, selling and marketing more difficult than it needs to be.

“We are also very aware of ethnic and cultural sensitivities and are able to advise a client about how best to approach another company, who may not have the same principles or beliefs.”

He continued: “In our experience brands that choose to engage with the people that they are selling to and inject an element of personality into their marketing are far more likely to improve sales over time than those who consider a mass market approach or a one size fits all mentality.”

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The Business Outsourcing Company is a division of CNG Business Services, which is part of the privately owned CNG Family of Companies. Our group was founded in 1971 and now has business services, retail and real estate interests both within the UK and overseas.

We provide a wide range of Business Process Outsourcing services from our main outsourcing office located in Mumbai, India. We have a broad talent pool and our staff members possess numerous different skill sets. We are thus positioned to serve all clients, both large and small, in a bespoke yet flexible fashion.

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We treat every customer as an individual. There is no standard outsourcing service which is suitable for multiple clients, rather every client has its own ways of doing business and we are here to see how we can improve efficiency. We spend time understanding each client’s unique operational processes and their needs so we can propose bespoke solutions that add the most value.

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We understand the efficiency gains from outsourcing. After all, we set Business Outsourcing Company up only after realizing the benefits our own organization enjoyed from having an overseas back-office. We decided to share our office staff with other clients, and we have just kept on growing after that. Come to us and we will help you to grow faster.

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We feel that all companies, not just the largest, should have access to the efficiency gains from working with a professional business process outsourcing provider. We are delighted to work with all sizes of clients and to help accelerate their growth prospects. We are delighted to be working with an ever growing list of clients. This validates the value proposition that we provide.

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