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About Us

The Business Outsourcing Company is a division of CNG Business Services, which is part of the privately owned CNG Family of Companies. Our group was founded in 1971 and now has business services, retail and real estate interests both within the UK and overseas.

We provide a wide range of Business Process Outsourcing services from our main outsourcing office located in Mumbai, India. We have a broad talent pool and our staff members possess numerous different skill sets. We are thus positioned to serve all clients, both large and small, in a bespoke yet flexible fashion.

Our Approach

We treat every customer as an individual. There is no standard outsourcing service which is suitable for multiple clients, rather every client has its own ways of doing business and we are here to see how we can improve efficiency. We spend time understanding each client’s unique operational processes and their needs so we can propose bespoke solutions that add the most value.

Our Value

We understand the efficiency gains from outsourcing. After all, we set Business Outsourcing Company up only after realizing the benefits our own organization enjoyed from having an overseas back-office. We decided to share our office staff with other clients, and we have just kept on growing after that. Come to us and we will help you to grow faster.

Our Mission

We feel that all companies, not just the largest, should have access to the efficiency gains from working with a professional business process outsourcing provider. We are delighted to work with all sizes of clients and to help accelerate their growth prospects. We are delighted to be working with an ever growing list of clients. This validates the value proposition that we provide.


The Business Outsourcing Company is better than the other outsourcing providers we’ve considered in the past. They give our company a flexible, easy and cost-effective resource that complements our existing sales team. They not only deliver real results – they help strengthen our bottom line. We’re looking forward to working with them on even more projects – which we believe says it all.

Cheque Exchange’s Mark Rooke, General Manager, and Shaun Peak, National Sales Manager

Our success with Cheque Exchange is also credit to their own business acumen and tremendous drive. We’re grateful to them for embracing our tailored approach to outsourcing, which has strengthened their sales, streamlined their back office process and helped drive the bottom line.

Sanjeev Patel, Managing Director

Outsourcing does not just save cost. The key reason [for it] is flexibility, both in terms of pricing and speed of change.

Sanjeev Patel, Managing Director

[Outsourcing] has led to nimble organisations operating within tight domestic headcounts and punching above their weight.

Sanjeev Patel, Managing Director

For savvy SMEs, there are an increasing number of ways to outsource business processes and survive a tough economy.

Sanjeev Patel, Managing Director

Shrewd businesses outsource several elements of their processes, thereby concentrating on whatever they do best.

Sanjeev Patel, Managing Director

Around 80% to 90% of our calls are in English, but [with those retails for whom English is a second language] even an initial greeting in [their] language can build rapport and we can assist if someone is stumbling on a word.

Sanjeev Patel, Managing Director

We provide [culturally sensitive] knowledge [for our clients]. Knowing a religious calendar [for example] is a way of building a closer relationship between retailers and our clients. We can arrange promotions to suit festivals such as Eid or Diwali.

Sanjeev Patel, Managing Director

Around 80% to 90% of our calls [to retailers] are in English, but even an initial greeting in another language [to those for whom English is a second language] can build rapport and we can assist if someone is stumbling on a word.

Sanjeev Patel, Managing Director


Our Clients