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Outsourcing Technical Support Services in UK

Outsourced Technical Support Services

The Business Outsourcing Company provides comprehensive outsourced tier one and tier two technical support services to a wide range of clients.  We can cater for all your customers’ technical abilities.

We ensure that when customers ring, they are greeted with courteous and well-trained technical support staff who can readily resolve queries about your products.

Outsourced Technical Support Team

Some clients like us to carry out the full first-call-to-resolution of the technical problem, whereas others prefer to use our services for frequent issue troubleshooting so that we deal with all simple inquiries and only forward more serious matters to the UK technical support team.

Importantly, all staff members have the right blend of etiquette and soft skills to make your customers feel valued. In these days of intense product competition, superior technical support is one the key tools that companies have to retain their customers and engender loyalty. By providing the highest quality technical support services, you are giving your customers an extra reason to stay with you.

If your customer needs to call back for an update, we can look up the status of their escalation on your IT systems and advise them accordingly.

Here are some of the service features that our technical teams can provide:

  • Webchat, phone, email and outsourced technical support services are available
  • All escalations are are logged and strictly dealt with as per your company’s policies
  • Texts or emails with trouble ticket numbers can be sent to your customers
  • We produce tailored reports with real time updates via a secure website

out-of-hours technical support service

For some clients, we provide out-of-hours outsourced technical support services when their main offices are closed and when a customer wants immediate support in the evenings or on weekends. This is a simple service to set up as our clients just need to forward their technical support numbers to us when they close for the evening and they turn this off in the morning when they reopen.By providing the highest technical support services, you make it very hard for a customer to leave you.And both your accountants and your customers will thank you for using our services, the former for our competitive prices, and the latter for our excellent support. Whatever the metric, we are sure to add value to your bottom line.

For further information about our various Outsourced Technical Support Services and Business Process Outsourcing solutions, or how we can provide a free trial of our BPO services, please call us on +44 (0) 1904 692 447

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