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Corporate Outsourcing Solutions

Do I need to worry about holiday cover?

No, we ensure there is sufficient cover for your project at all times.

Can you provide services at any time of the day?

Yes, we operate 24/7 so can always staff a project at any time of the day. For some products, customer interaction is necessary in the evenings and weekends and we can happily provide this reach.

What are the typical cost savings?

Every quote is bespoke, but it is worth remembering that your costs savings include not just labour but all the overheads that go with it – eg national insurance, office space, telecommunications, computer, transport and holiday & sickness cover – all of which add thousands of pounds to the cost of employing someone.

It is not all about cost savings though, that is only part of the equation. Instead, there are tremendous efficiency savings as your employees are free to pursue more value enhancing activities and concentrate on winning new business rather than having to worry about back office functions which are not your core competency.

I am not in the UK, can we still use your services?

Yes, we provide services to clients throughout the world. Everyone likes efficiency savings.

What is the procedure if I am interested in trialing your services?

First, we will seek to understand exactly what you would like us to assist with. Once we all agree on the scope of duties, we will provide you with a quote for using our services. If you are interested, we will provide a free trial to demonstrate the benefits we can bring to your organisation.

What Industries does Corporate Outsourcing Solutions support?

While we have grown from the retail industry and firmly have a root there, we now support a wide range of industries, from telecom though to pharmaceutical.

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