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Welcome to Business Outsourcing Company UK

The Business Outsourcing Company provides a wide range of Business Process Outsourcing solutions for all sizes of company, located anywhere in the world.

We provide a broad range of business outsourcing solutions such as

  • Business Lead Generation

    The Business Outsourcing Company can provide you with targeted sales leads as per your defined criteria, or indeed from mining your own databases. This frees your sales team up from to concentrate their energies only on genuinely interested prospects.

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  • Telemarketing Services

    We provide a suite of cost-effective outbound telemarketing services to develop your telemarketing strategy and support your relationship with your customers at all stages of the sales cycle.

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  • Call Answering

    Professional telephone call answering services for all businesses. We also offer 24/7 telephone call handling and virtual receptionist services.

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  • Customer Support Services

    We provide the highest quality 24/7 outsourced customer support services to clients wanting to support any stage of the sales cycle from dealing with pre-sales enquiries right through to retention calls.

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  • Ethnic Sales & Marketing

    The BOC's Ethnic Sales & Marketing Services can help create bridges with whole communities enabling them to successfully market & sell products there.

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  • Wholesaler Services

    We identified prospective customers based on your specified requirements by calling both new and existing customers with logistics support.

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  • Technical Support Services

    We provide the highest quality 24/7 outsourced technical support services for clients need to provide support to their customers.

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  • Telecom Industry (NOC) support

    We provide high quality 24/7 NOC-Setup (Network Operations Center) operations for calling card companies, MVNOs and wholesale telecom providers, all with considerable cost savings.

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  • Database Services

    The Business Outsourcing Company can help you maintain your database both with data entry and data cleansing solutions for making a sale.

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