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Welcome to Business Outsourcing Company UK

The Business Outsourcing Company provides a wide range of Business Process Outsourcing solutions for all sizes of company, located anywhere in the world.

We provide a broad range of business outsourcing solutions such as

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  • Telemarketing Services

    We provide a suite of cost-effective outbound telemarketing services to develop your telemarketing strategy and support your relationship with your customers at all stages of the sales cycle.

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  • Call Answering

    Professional telephone call answering services for all businesses. We also offer 24/7 telephone call handling and virtual receptionist services.

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  • Customer Support Services

    We provide the highest quality 24/7 outsourced customer support services to clients wanting to support any stage of the sales cycle from dealing with pre-sales enquiries right through to retention calls.

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  • Ethnic Sales & Marketing

    The BOC's Ethnic Sales & Marketing Services can help create bridges with whole communities enabling them to successfully market & sell products there.

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  • Wholesaler Services

    We identified prospective customers based on your specified requirements by calling both new and existing customers with logistics support.

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  • Technical Support Services

    We provide the highest quality 24/7 outsourced technical support services for clients need to provide support to their customers.

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  • Telecom Industry (NOC) support

    We provide high quality 24/7 NOC-Setup (Network Operations Center) operations for calling card companies, MVNOs and wholesale telecom providers, all with considerable cost savings.

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  • Database Services

    The Business Outsourcing Company can help you maintain your database both with data entry and data cleansing solutions for making a sale.

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